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Keep everyone in the loop with No More Grapes

No More Grapes allows you to update everyone at once, and is completely private, unlike the likes of Facebook. Those within your Circle can communicate and work together to support you and your loved ones.This would be especially helpful for me as childcare for my eldest can often be difficult in emergency situations. With everyone in the loop, childcare can be arranged promptly and efficiently.

The Three of Us

It reminds me of Facebook but you can choose who to update

I personally don't write too much about my cancer treatment on my Facebook page as I have some contacts that I wouldn’t want to know what is actually happening. Also some of my treatment side effects etc. can be quite graphic so this is a perfect way to share with people that I would like to keep informed.

It is really easy to register on No More grapes which is great as my mind can not handle anything too complicated at the moment whist going through chemo.


Travel to Recovery

We all know someone close who's had cancer...

This would have been really useful for our family during my mum’s cancer treatment.  Having to listen to everything the doctors were saying and then relaying the conversations time and time again was emotional and time-consuming.  With the No More Grapes site, we wouldn’t have each needed to call several times a day, in round-robin style, to see how my mum was doing, my dad could have updated the information into our circle and we could have been kept up to date there.

Lu Lovely


One of the hardest things to juggle from hospital is arranging friends and family visits…

Getting admitted to hospital, especially when it comes so unexpectedly, is a really testing time. Posting things like that in Facebook and on other social media platforms is just too public for some things.

My favourite part about No More Grapes has been the linked calendar part of this.  I sometimes struggle with my memory so having them all marked down in one place (where my family can see the appointments too) means I won’t forget anything and we can easily arrange who is able to come with me to them. 

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