Tips, Experiences and Inspiration for Those who are Caring for the Seriously Ill. 

Megan McAuliffe

As we reflect on the year that’s passing, we can start to formulate resolutions for the New Year. Although New Year’s resolutions are renowned for being difficult to keep, having hopes and wishes for yourself or a loved one who is going through serious illness may be more suitable.  

Here’s five hopes and wishes you can make to help you start the New Year on a positive note:-

More compassion

Hoping for more compassion to enter your life is a good starting point, especially when it comes to self-compassion, putting aside any self-blame you may experience. Sometimes we get sick and injured, it can happen differently for everyone, but it happens. No one is to blame! It can be helpful to practice self-compassion by silently speaking to yourself with loving, kind words that work for you in that moment. 

More attentive

Wish for your family and friends to be more attentive when you talk about your illness, pain, emotions and fears, so that you can feel listened to and valued despite the fact that you may be talking about things that can be slightly uncomfortable to hear.

More accepting

Hope that you may be more accepting when some family and friends can’t find it within themselves to be more attentive and understanding of what you are going through. Sometimes, people’s own fears around illness can be triggered and they disappear off the radar when someone is seriously ill. It’s easy to take this personally, however this can make you feel worse so it’s important to accept that some people will ‘go missing’, and that it may be for the best if they are uncomfortable or in denial about you or your loved one’s illness.

More open

Make a wish to stay open to life’s beauty, even in the most difficult moments. The sight of a full moon, a beautiful flower, or listening to a beautiful song or noticing the feel of water on your skin can help to keep your heart open to the simple things in life, despite the immense difficulties you face. Some days you may feel so sick that it’s hard to appreciate the beauty in life, putting on a favourite movie can be soothing and help you to stay open to the simple things. 

More peace and contentment

Wishing for peace and contentment despite yours or your loved ones health challenges is a hard wish to fulfil at times, especially when everything seems to be falling apart. While the need to have yours or your loved ones health restored burns inside, it can be cleansing to know that we can start over each time we simply can’t see past the illness. By accepting this is your life at this present moment and asking yourself what you can make of it despite the difficulties might help to find peace and contentment within the limitations. Sometimes it’s helpful to remember that even those in good health face tough challenges and have difficulties and limitations, such as financial difficulties and relationship issues. Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow, and finding peace and contentment within our situation is sometimes all we can do.

This New Years, may your suffering ease, may you find joy amidst your sorrows and may you find peace, from all of us @nomoregrapes