Tips, Experiences and Inspiration for Those who are Caring for the Seriously Ill. 

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Salty Cow

It's not uncommon for me to enter my best mates house fumbling at my clothes, shouting something along the lines of 'remember that weird thing I showed you near my boob, can you have a look?'

Megan McAuliffe

What people really need when they have been going through treatment for a life threatening condition, is a break! An undemanding short holiday somewhere tranquil, which has health at the core of what it does. 

Lisa Vento

Lisa Vento from ‘The Time Between Is’ found out how toxic cancer can be financially when she was let go from her job after she had completed her final chemotherapy treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer at 39 years old. 

Megan McAuliffe

Eighty percent of those living with cancer are also living with poverty, according to Chris Lewis from Chris’ Cancer Community. With shocking statistics on the rise, a staggering one in three people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime, it’s fundamental that supportive networks are readily available to help those living with serious illness.