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Lisa Vento

Lisa Vento from ‘The Time Between Is’ found out how toxic cancer can be financially when she was let go from her job after she had completed her final chemotherapy treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer at 39 years old. 

Megan McAuliffe

Eighty percent of those living with cancer are also living with poverty, according to Chris Lewis from Chris’ Cancer Community. With shocking statistics on the rise, a staggering one in three people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime, it’s fundamental that supportive networks are readily available to help those living with serious illness.

Megan McAuliffe

In the UK, over 50,000 women are diagnosed with one of around 10 different types of breast cancer each year. Within those 10 different types of breast cancer, for one specific type there are again a number different sub-types, and within every single diagnosis, there is a patient with a plethora of options and choices to be made.

Megan McAuliffe
Something to look forward to

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” Unknown