Tips, Experiences and Inspiration for Those who are Caring for the Seriously Ill. 

Megan McAuliffe

There are an estimated seven million carers in the UK and by 2030 the number of carers will have increased to 3.4 million. 

As the world of caregivers grows, they need every tool possible to manage all that caregiving throws at them. 

Caregiving can be extremely overwhelming and both professional and family caregivers need support. Managing all that is needed to look after someone can be a fulltime job and requires lots of coordination. Free to use platforms such as No More Grapes help caregivers maintain and update important information, get appointment reminders, keep a log of activities, coordinate various other caregivers and pass on updates to family and friends. Catering to any type of serious illness or injury, No More Grapes makes caregiving life that little bit easier.

"It's a perfect solution to help family and friends rally around a loved one who is a carer of someone facing surgeries, rehabilitation and procedures that go along with conditions such as cancer, heart disease or alzeimers," says Founder Richard Boardman.

The website enables multiple caregivers and family members to share pertinent information such as updates, appointments and arranging care. It helps caregivers keep connected with family members and friends so they can manage support and be supported, taking away the loneliness and often overwhelming role of a caregiver.

It’s excellent for storing and sharing information and for knowing that it’s completely secure. The technology also enables everyone involved to monitor a loved one’s needs without being intrusive, even when working or living long distances away.