Tips, experiences and inspiration for supporting those with serious illness

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Supporting someone you love through cancer can be one of the most difficult experiences you’ll go through, however it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience, which brings you closer...

Megan McAuliffe

Do you have a neighbour or close friend who has a serious illness and needs help taking care of their pet while they’re in hospital or at home recovering?

Our pets depend on us to feed...

Megan McAuliffe

On her 37th birthday, Béatrice Compagnon from Boobytrapp received a phonecall after several months of inconclusive...

Megan McAuliffe

Michelle Boyer was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma at just 23 years old. Michelle suffers continual fatigue and bowel obstructions, her back hurts, as well as her lungs. She’s on constant pain medications and has trouble doing daily tasks, such as washing the dishes or walking her dog.