Women's Relaxed Trousers

About this product: 

This straight-legged pyjama trouser is a great solution for women who may prefer to hide their legs, compression socks or catheters!

The elasticated waistband ensures comfortability, and discreet openings enable access to the groin area and to both legs so examinations and treatments are more dignified.

The front panel of the trousers opens fully, providing access from waist to upper thigh, and is fastened with buttons to ensure there is no risk of sudden exposure.

The outer seams of the legs are poppered from the ankle to mid-thigh and can be opened as needed to allow access to catheter bags or for treatment or massages.

Pockets can be used for small drains or for personal items.

Soft, stretchy, natural fabric ensures maximum comfort and helps regulate body temperature and odour. 

Can be worn with either the t-shirt top or the cross-over top as a pyjama set.