Nourishing & Healing Lip Balm

About this product: 

Our Therapeutic Nourishing Lip Balms have been specifically created by our own clinical aromatherapists. They have many years experience of helping with symptom management in those living with cancer.

Occasionally some types of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer drugs can make the skin more dry and fragile than before.

Choose from the following essential oil blends:-

1. Fragrance Free - unscented
2. Lemon/Lime - may help prevent bacterial infection
3. Spearmint - may be helpful for feelings of nausea

The Lip Balm softens, moisturises and protects the lips. They contain Shea Butter which is moisturising and healing to the skin; Beeswax to lock in moisture; Calendula oil to promote skin tissue repair, helping to heal chapped lips as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory; Crambe oil to offer good lubrication.

When ordering, please write in the customised box your essential oil blend for the Nourishing Lip Balm. 

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  • 30 day full refund