Intensive Nail and Hand Cream

About this product: 

Our hand and nail creams are ideal for locking in moisture, as well as treating dry, chapped or sensitive skin, and damaged nails. Simply choose a blend that’s most suited to your skin, and apply as and when needed.

Directions for use: Apply to the hands, and massage into nails


Rose and Benzoin - Great for treating chapped and inflamed skin, as well as healing wounds and warming circulation. Can also help to aid depression and alleviate anxiety, palpitations and help those suffering loss.

Plai Black Pepper- Contains anti-inflammatory properties, whilst aiding in pain relief and relaxation


All of our hand creams contain olive oil, which is perfect for treating chapped skin as it locks in moisture and is also good for those with sensitive skin.

The macadamia oil used is also great for treating dry areas, whilst protecting against wind and weather, and with the addition of thistle oil and rosehips, our creams can also help increase circulation and promote cell and tissue regeneration.

Both of our hand and nail creams are 100% free from paraben, aluminium, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oil, and paraffin.

NOTE: These products have been carefully developed through many years’ experience of helping with symptom management in those living with cancer. As a result, our products are suitable for everyone - not just cancer sufferers. 

When ordering, please write in the customised box your essential oil blend.