Gift Bag for Chemotherapy Patients

About this product: 

The canvas Treatment Bags have been packed with lovely items that have been generously donated, to be given to someone who is going through chemotherapy treatment.

A typical bag might contain goodies such as these:- 

  • Thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - Sleep is often difficult for chemotherapy patients, so a lavendar pillow spray can help with sweet dreams. 
  • Cook Voucher - Cooking can be the last thing someone going through chemotherapy feels like doing,  a Cook voucher can bring welcome relief. 
  • Cornishware Mug - A gorgeous stripey mug for a hot cuppa, when someone wants to put their feet up.
  • Cowshed Lipbalm - Chemotherapy can be drying for the lips, this lip balm is a soothing solution.
  • Francetti Bond Cashmere hat - Chemotherapy patients often complain of being chilly, having a warm cashmere hat helps.
  • Green & Black's Organic Chocolate - Every patient deserves a healthy treat, and what better way than with chocolate.
  • Clippers Tea - When all you need is a good cup of hot tea.
  • True Grace Body Wash - Lovely scented bodywash, for senstive skin and noses. 
  • Aesop Mouthwash - Many patients complain of having a bad taste in thier mouth during treatment, this mouthwash is the perfect solution.
  • Clipper Hot Chocolate - Perfect to have in the lovely strippy Mug. 
  • Francetti Bond Scalf - Beautiful soft unisex scarf to keep the neck warm during those chilly moments.
  • True Grace Candle - Beautiful scented candle to keep the home smelling fresh.
  • Fuel Ready Made Porridge - For those mornings when just getting out of bed is enough of a task. 

For £50 you can sponsor one bag for a patient and spread the love!