Children's Cancer Survival Kit

About this product: 

The Deluxe Childhood Cancer Survival Kit is ideal for any child with cancer. The kit includees:- 

* Gloves:  For cold hands during and after chemo or just cold days, these gloves are soft and comfy with a feather touch.

* Handwarmer:  This hand warmer is also to help with the feelings of cold but with the added element of fun. The warmer contains a re-usable click to heat gel pack, so it will never get old

* Emoji Pillow:  A fun emoji pillow for comfort and support during bed rest and journeys. Also, a friend to play with.

* Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags:  Peppermint tea has properties to relieve radiotherapy and chemotherapy nausea. It also has health benefits. This naturally caffeine free drink, can be a soothing warm drink to add the diet of children with cancer. Parents can also benefit from the teas relaxing qualities.

* Catch-able Bubbles:  JUST FOR FUN: These catchable bubbles stay on your hands and clothes. A great distraction and just a lot of fun for all ages.

* Glow Stick:   A Glowstick to brighten up hospital stays and when in bed at home (fun for under the covers).

* Gold Earphones:  These spare gold earphones are handy to keep by the bedside or when travelling. They can be used with most phones, mp3 players and tablets. To be used for playing on devices and listening to music in bed/hospital or waiting for appointments.

* Tiger Water Bottle:  Keeping hydrated is very important for a child with cancer. This children’s cancer present has a fun tiger water bottle which folds flat, so is easy to transport anywhere. The bottle is BPA free with a capacity of 380ml.

* Yellow Portable Power Bank:  This yellow power bank is both light and ultra portable. Useful for making sure a tablet or MP3 doesn’t run out of battery, particularly when on hospital visits, overnight stays or convalescing.

* Access to Cancer Resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers