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 Our purpose is to improve the lives of those with illness by making it easier for friends and family to provide support

Our Story


Nicky ‘Mossy’ Read, wife of Ian, mother of Jimmy and a teacher, lived with cancer for 7 years. The question: “What can I do to help?” was always being asked of her by family and friends. 

Nicky recognised that the sentiment was genuine, but her response could be vague. Overwhelmed by the news of her illness, the wonderful people at Macmillan helped Nicky understand what she was going through, but there was no easy and immediate way to galvanise friends and family who were so keen to help. 
Realising Nicky was slightly weary of traditional gifts of fruit and flowers, her family and friends adopted a new and different approach to help support her from near and far.  

Together with Nicky, we adopted a modern approach to coping with her illness, finding humour when times were dark, providing practical help and identifying purposeful ‘gifts’ to make life easier for Nicky, Ian and Jimmy through tough times. 

Above all Nicky wanted to create a safe space for conversation and inspiration that could be shared by everyone affected by illness, nomoregrapes is a place she would have been proud to put her name to.  


Charities we support

nomoregrapes is a free to use website. A share of profits made through the Shop is donated to like-minded charities, which help people through illness. 

These are the charities we support.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together the most common questions posted to nomoregrapes and answered them as best we can.

I have heard that a friend of mine has started a Circle. How do I join?
You will receive an email from your loved one or friend inviting you to join their Circle. In order to protect their privacy and so that members retain full control of their Circle, this is the only method of joining.

How do I find someone's Circle?
nomoregrapes is a private network. You will need to be invited into a Circle by a loved one or friend to be able to have full access to the site.

How can I change my nomoregrapes' profile details?
If you have a profile with nomoregrapes, simply click on your profile photo in the top right hand corner of the page, and then ‘Edit my Account’. Make sure to press ‘Save’ when you’ve finished.

Can I receive an email notification when a Circle is updated?
All members of a Circle can receive email notifications of updates. If you do want to recieve these notifications, you can choose this option by going to 'Edit my Account'.

How do I add a photo to a Circle’s message?
Click ‘Add Photo’ in the ‘Share What’s New’ section on a member's Circle, or in a comment, and select the location of your photo. Then upload it to the message. 

How do I leave a message in a Circle?
Go to your loved one or friend's Circle and click on the post that you would like to leave a message in. There is an option to add a comment underneath each post. Anyone who is invited into a Circle can leave a comment. 

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What Our Users Say

We all know someone close who's had cancer...

This would have been really useful for our family during my mum’s cancer treatment.  Having to listen to everything the doctors were saying and then relaying the conversations time and time again was emotional and time-consuming.  With the No More Grapes site, we wouldn’t have each needed to call several times a day, in round-robin style, to see how my mum was doing, my dad could... Read more

Lu Lovely


One of the hardest things to juggle from hospital is arranging friends and family visits…

Getting admitted to hospital, especially when it comes so unexpectedly, is a really testing time. Posting things like that in Facebook and on other social media platforms is just too public for some things.

My favourite part about No More Grapes has been the linked calendar part of this.  I sometimes struggle with my memory so having them all marked down in one place (where... Read more

Rocking 2 Stomas