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No More Grapes Circle page

Take a look at how nomoregrapes works and see how to create a Circle of support for you or your loved one.

You are not alone

You are not alone

It can be difficult to know what to say or how to act around someone who is seriously ill. When people understand what you’re going through, they are so much better able to help.

So why not help each other out by starting or joining a Circle. nomoregrapes is a kind of social network where people can share thoughts, ideas, learning and information. Remember, you are not alone.


Do you know the best ways to give support?

Do you know the best ways to give support?

What many people don’t know (and why would they?) is that there’s an etiquette in relationships between people with an illness and the people around them—those small ways to communicate, ask questions and provide the kind of support that is really wanted.

nomoregrapes makes it easier for people to be helpful to one another, for the important things to be shared and for support to be given where and when it’s best.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

nomoregrapes brings together those people who want to be counted on for the long haul, with those people who need them there.

It’s where little acts of kindness will always be shining moments during some very challenging times. So you can check in to a Calendar, send a quick note or ensure that a given gift will be one that’s welcomed and appreciated when you choose it from a Wish List.

Make it easy for people to help in useful ways, and that's exactly what they'll do

Strength in numbers

Create a private Circle, like your own social network, of close family and friends who want to help and support you.

Save time

Your Circle gives you a time efficient way to communicate with family and friends, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Right help, right time

Your Calendar highlights when you need practical support such as delivering meals, childcare and arranging transportation.

Purposeful gifts

Our Shop enables people in your Circle to give you a treat or something incredibly helpful, whether they are close by or far away.

Safe, private and ad-free

nomoregrapes is a private and secure website, free from any advertisements. Your data will remain with us and will never be sold to third parties.

Free to use, always

nomoregrapes is a free to use website. We are a profit with purpose business. Our mission is to improve the lives of those with illness.

Making it easier to provide support

Our purpose is to improve the lives of those with illness by making it easier for friends and family to provide support.

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What Our Users Say

We all know someone close who's had cancer...

This would have been really useful for our family during my mum’s cancer treatment.  Having to listen to everything the doctors were saying and then relaying the conversations time and time again was emotional and time-consuming.  With the No More Grapes site, we wouldn’t have each needed to call several times a day, in round-robin style, to see how my mum was doing, my dad could... Read more

Lu Lovely

One of the hardest things to juggle from hospital is arranging friends and family visits…

Getting admitted to hospital, especially when it comes so unexpectedly, is a really testing time. Posting things like that in Facebook and on other social media platforms is just too public for some things.

My favourite part about No More Grapes has been the linked calendar part of this.  I sometimes struggle with my memory so having them all marked down in one place (where... Read more

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